Past Masters

Past Masters of
Union Solomon Lodge № 9


2001East, James Brodie 2016Caswell, Richard
2002Ross, Alastair M. 2017Chernoff, Maxwell
2003Tylor, Burc 2018Chernoff, Maxwell
2004McClelland, Wayne2019Delgiglio, Joseph
2005Anderson, Robert2020Karmazinuk, Jonathan
2006Caswell, Richard 2021Karmazinuk, Jonathan
2007Dodd, Robert Randell 2022Chernoff, Maxwell
2008Gallagher, Raymond 2023Pound, H. James
2009Marshall, Bruce 2024
2010Frick, Kenneth
2011Frick, Kenneth
2012Pound, H. James
2013Tur, Tayfun
2014Bishop, Bill
2015Caswell, Richard

Past Masters of
King Solomon Lodge № 17

Past Masters of
Union Lodge № 9

“A peoples memory is history, a people without a history can grow neither wiser nor better”

– Isaac Leyb Peretz     1852 – 1915